Heavy industry

Heavy industry is characterized by large-scale operations that require massive capital investment and complex production processes. Its fire protection needs are therefore wide and varied, but the common factor is that fire protection systems are critical when ensuring a safe work environment and business continuity during the whole life cycle of the production facility.

HydraNT is an effective eco-friendly chemical fire technology that scales well to the needs of heavy industry, providing excellent performance and unrivaled reliability and technology is safe for people, equipment and the environment and can be used in all types of automatic or semi-automatic fire extinguishing systems. Good water retaining feature, which allows HydraNT to penetrate the inner part of the burning object and quickly reduce heat, thereby reducing the chance of, repeat combustion.

No cleanup costs HydraNT converts to organic fertilizer after the biological degradation process when seeps into the soil and combines with the germs and fungus.

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