Automotive industry

Automotive manufacturing plants, like many other factories in the manufacturing industry, consist of diverse fire risks, which can derive from the production line and the materials, liquids and equipment used there, as well as different chemical and paint storage, electrical rooms and office environment.

HydraNT provides high performance eco-friendly chemical fire technology that is safe for people, equipment and the environment and can be used in all types of automatic or semi-automatic fire extinguishing systems. Good water retaining feature, which allows HydraNT to penetrate the inner part of the burning object and quickly reduce heat, thereby reducing the chance of, repeat combustion.

No cleanup costs HydraNT converts to organic fertilizer after the biological degradation process when seeps into the soil and combines with the germs and fungus.

Maruti Suzuki Plant--621x414
  • Ground Floor, SCO: 117-118,

    Sector: 17 B Chandigarh, India, 160017

  • Tel: +91 172 462 0008
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